Im a mother to an amazing young boy and when my son was just a baby, he developed severe eczema and eventually asthma that resulted in three trips in the ambulance to the hospital and many stays on breathing equipment.

Until then I had been giving him a good diet but was unaware of certain triggers or how to properly overcome these health issues on a nutritional level.

It was through those experiences that made me really think about the impact of what he was eating and how it manifested in his health, so I set about learning, studying and becoming more knowledgeable about the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on our general health.

I put my biology degree to good use and gained qualifications in Nutritional Therapy, I can happily say that my son no longer has eczema or even asthma, we no longer use any form of medication for either and he is fit and healthy.

This knowledge I have gained through my studying and own experiences has helped me gain a really understanding of the needs of both families and children.

In the clinic I look at a person's health history, family health history, dietary habits, and lifestyle and assess and identify possible nutritional imbalances. We work together to support your body to maintain or improve health.

I have worked with many different clients including TV work, corporate clients, yoga studios, health clubs and clinics as well as one to one consultations.

With my passion for food and nutrition, I run fun and interactive workshops to teach you how to prepare effortlessly healthy everyday foods that will help to support your overall health and well-being.

I also offer commercial and TV packages tailor made to each client.It really is that why not contact me today and we can work together to try and achieve your best possible health and well-being and tailor make a package that works for you.