Almond, Mulberry & Goji Berry Granola

What’s your favourite Granola combo?

I just love this easy go to breakfast! I always prep a big batch, store in an airtight container ready for quick breakfasts and snacks!

I love to mix up my flavours and this week I made this delicious spiced almond, mulberry and goji Berry granola 

This is packed with oats that have an amazing fibre in the form of beta glucan that helps to support the health of our gut by increasing the growth of good bacteria within our digestive tract.

It can also help support blood sugar levels, insulin response and increase feelings of fullness.

Oats also contain wonderful antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols as well as manganese, magnesium, iron, B vitamins, zinc, folate and phosphorus which can all support energy levels, heart health, brain health, hormonal balance, bone health and gut health. 

Almonds are packed with Vitamin E and antioxidant that protect against oxidative stress. Almonds are lower in carbs but high in healthy fats, protein and fibre as well as Magnesium which is involved in more than 300 bodily processes, including blood sugar control.

Goji berries are packed with antioxidants In the form of vitamin A and C and have been shown to support the immune system, improve eye health. 

Mulberries are loaded with anthocyanins in the form of Cyanidin, plus rutin and Chlorogenic acid that can protect against oxidative stress, reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease. Not only that but they also contain  a compound called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), which inhibits an enzyme in your gut that breaks down carbs which helps to support blood sugar balance by slowing the breakdown of sugars.

Who likes the sound of this combo?

Almond, Mulberry & Goji Granola

3 cup rolled jumbo oats

1 cups pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup puffed oats (optional)

1 cup almonds

1 tbsp Ceylon cinnamon 

1 banana mashed

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

3 tbsp almond butter  

1/2 cup mulberries  

1/4 cup goji berries  

In a bowl add the oats, pumpkin seeds, puffed oats , and nuts along with the cinnamon and mix well

In a bowl add the banana and mash until no lumps are left. Add the extra virgin olive oil and the almond butter and stir together 

Pour this in with the seed and nut mixture and stir to coat everything.

Pour onto a baking tray and spread out evenly.

Pop into a pre heated oven at 160c for approx 20 minutes or until it’s all crunchy

Remove from the oven and place into the granola and allow to melt and cool completely. Mix in the mulberries abs goji berries.

Pour the granola into a jar and it can be stored for several weeks…