Beetroot, Papaya, Avocado and Pear Porridge Bowl

Processed with Focos

If you follow my Instagram page you will know that I have a slight obsession with beetroot and pink porridge bowls…as well as green porridge bowls.

You see beetroot is an amazing vegetable that has a nice sweet flavour that works well in both savoury and sweet dishes and makes a great base for smoothie, porridge, pancakes, salads and overnight oats.

It’s become quite a staple in our house, my bright pink porridge bowls and for good reason. Beetroot is packed full of fibre that helps to support our gut health. It’s rich colour provides wonderful antioxidants and phytonutrients that supports heart health, and can even support endurance. Plus it’s a great liver cleansing vegetable especially after a little over indulgence.

So although the recipe uses beetroot, papaya, avocado and pear, please feel free to use whatever fruit you have to had such as banana, apple or even add in cacao powder or some cauliflower for another boost of veggies.

Beetroot, Papaya, Avocado and Pear Porridge

1 large beetroot grated or cut into small pieces

1/2 papaya

1 small avocado

1 small pear

1 tbsp almond butter optional

1 cup milk (I use oat milk)

1/2 cup whole rolled oats

2 tbsp chia seeds

In a blender such as a nutribullet add the beetroot, avocado, papaya, pear and almond butter along with the milk and whizz until you get a smooth smoothie consistency

Pour the contents into a pan and heat up. Once it gets to boiling point add the oats and chia seeds and turn down the heat to a slow simmer and cook the oats until softened

Serve with berries and drizzled with dark chocolate