Cacao Crunch Cereal Bites

Are you tired of seeing cereals that are aimed at children with high amounts of sugar, no whole grains and overly processed…because I know I am.

Children are of course drawn to the bright colours, characters and fun images on these cereals yet they are pretty much awful to feed to children and adults with little to no nutritional value, will not support blood sugar levels and result in poor concentration, lead to risks of type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart related conditions.

Seriously this is the outcome of processed sugar laden foods for our children yet so many parents resort to these breakfasts to fuel their children through the day and I understand this is down to convenience.

Of course a bowl of porridge is a great way to start the day but I see many family clients and the children are not keen on just porridge although porridge in our house comes in all colours and flavours. That’s why my new cacao crunch cereal bites are the perfect alternative to prepackaged cereals.

Although these are great for kids…these are just as delicious for adults and a great fun way to start the day.

They are easy to make and taste delicious…my son often has two bowls in one sitting so I would suggest making double the batch.

Cacao Crunch Cereal Bites

1/2 cup oat flour

1/4 cup teff flour (feel free to use all oat flour)

1/4 cup Cacao Powder (I use Naturya)

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp maple syrup (more if you like it sweeter)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract or vanilla powder

Pinch of salt


Pre heat the oven to 180c 

In a bowl add all the ingredients aside from the water and mix together

Add the water, a tablespoon at a time and stir until you bring the dough together. It should be about 4 tbsp needed. You want to pliable soft but not sticky dough.

Roll out on some baking paper to about 3mm thick and cut out shapes for your crackers (i use a pizza cutter to do small squares/rectangles)

Place onto a baking tray and pop into the pre heated over for approximately 10-12 minutes. (Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t burn)

When cooked through and crunchy, remove from the oven and allow to cool and then enjoy with some cold milk and berries or in winter and colder days top with warm milk and peanut butter

Store in an airtight container. 

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