Chai & Chocolate Granola

When it comes to breakfast many people don’t eat a good quality breakfast or don’t have the time to eat a nourishing breakfast!

Eating a well balanced breakfast can help to support energy levels throughout the day, help to stabilise blood sugar levels and provide us with wonderful nutrients and minerals that our body needs…remember that breakfast is breaking the fast from the night before so we need to fuel our bodies with good foods.

Many shop bought cereals/granolas/muesli are packed with unnecessary sugars which will cause blood sugar imbalances and ultimately cause energy crashes mid morning, contain high amounts of sugar that can suppress the immune system, cause digestive imbalances and most don’t contain adequate nutrients to support overall health.

Making your own granola is not only easy to do but you are combining wonderful whole and natural ingredients with no processed products, using no sugar at all and you can add in anything you fancy, plus it makes a great on the go breakfast or snack, and making a big batch can be stored for weeks.

This is my Chai & Chocolate Super Nutty Granola that is perfect served with yogurt, milk or simple eaten straight from the jar 😊

Chai and Chocolate Granola

3 cups pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup buckwheat groats

1 cup Brazil nuts

1 cup pecans 

1 cup walnuts 

2 tsp chai spice 

1 medium banana mashed

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

3 tbsp tahini 

In a bowl add the pumpkin seeds, buckwheat groats, and nuts along with the chai spice and mix well

In a bowl add the banana and mash until no lumps are left. Add the extra virgin olive oil and the tahini abs stir together 

Pour this in with the seed abs nut mixture abs stir to coat everything.

Pour onto a baking tray and spread out evenly.

Pop into a pre heated oven at 160c for approx 20 minutes or until it’s all crunchy

Remove from the oven abs break up dark chocolate chunks and place into the granola and allow to melt and cool completely.

Pour the granola into a jar and it can be stored for several weeks…well that’s if it lasts that long.

Serve with yogurt, on top of a smoothie bowl, sprinkled on porridge or simply eat straight from the jar