Homemade Coco Pops

When it comes to breakfast in the mornings, shop bought cereals are possibly one of the worst options with high sugar content and low whole grain content, yet they are a staple in most homes and most children are starting off their morning eating foods that are going to provide little nutritional value and will most likely provide no long term energy for them and result in energy slumps.

You see, when we eat high sugar processed foods, they provide empty calories and simple sugars that our body breaks down quickly resulting in those slumps in energy levels mid morning but opting for whole grains and lower sugar and high fibre foods which helps to break down the sugars slower, the energy release is much slower providing us with more energy throughout the day.

But of course not all children are porridge or oat fans so I developed my own version of coco pops and I can honestly say that the kids will love them and after having many people try the recipe at home, I have had such positive feedback that I knew that the recipe needed to be featured in my blog.

Using whole grain rice puffs that you can also sub for whole grain oat puffs and using only natural ingredients, low unrefined sugar, this is a cereal will keep the children feeling fuller for longer and they get to enjoy a more natural unprocessed food.

But don’t just take my word for it, try the recipe out and why not let me know how you get on?

Coco Pops

4 cups brown rice puffs (kallo brand is good)

3 tbsp coconut oil

20g dark chocolate (85% cacao content)

2 tbsp almond butter (use tahini for nut free version)

2 tbsp maple syrup

2 heaped tbsp Cacao powder

In a heat proof bowl, melt the coconut oil and dark chocolate

stir in the almond butter, maple syrup and cacao powder and mix together

Pour the rice puffs into a bowl and pour over the chocolate mixture and stir through until all the puffs are coated

Spread onto two baking trays and pop into a pre heated oven at 160c for around 10-15 minutes or until slightly crispy

Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely and the serve along with some cold milk and watch the milk change colour.

Processed with Focos

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