My daily routine…food!!

Okay so my daily routine is somewhat different than it was 8 weeks ago, that’s for sure but I really wanted to give you an insight into what I eat, when and my normal exercise routine.

you see many people have the impression that to be slim or toned that you need to skip meals, eat tonnes of protein, eat a restrictive diet and ultimately not enjoy food.

Like most women I have suffered from body image issues in the past, especially when everyday in magazines and the media, a women’s body is portrayed as slim and tall, or curvy and big chested and to be honest I’m neither of these so where do I fit in…my thoughts used to revolve around how can I fit into one of these brackets, what foods do I need to eat or not eat to get to that goal, how much do I need to sweat it out to get there.

but you know what, it’s unhealthy to try and achieve what is not achievable. I’ve seen many clients over the last few years with body issues and disorded eating and I spend most of our time together working to readjust those thoughts and reestablishing good healthy eating and thought patterns.

you see we are all different so these diets that claim you can loose so much amount of weight is probably not going to work, for one it’s probably going to be restrictive and unsustainable but also it’s going to chaos havoc on your gut, hormones and hair and skin and to be honest no one wants to feel rubbish and probably look ill to get to a skinny size.

So let’s say I knew the secret, I would have people queueing at my door to know it…sorry to disappoint you but I don’t, but what I do know is that I know how to achieve balance with food and health so that you feel and look great, which to be honest doesn’t mean stick thin but means feeling energised, healthy, glowing and toned.

So how do I achieve this balance in my own life?.

I’ve always loved food but that can come at a cost…emotional eating!

I see this with many clients and with myself in the past.

How many times have you watched a movie and the girls boyfriend has broken up with her and she heads to the ice cream or chocolate…we are literally programmed to find comfort in food.

but if we eat a balanced and healthy diet then even when times are rough, we may feel less inclined to binge eat although there are going to be times when one square of chocolate just isn’t enough.

I find that when I eat a well balanced diet that although I still have cravings for chocolate (who doesn’t) that I don’t feel the need to binge or eat way more than I need to or even should.

My day always starts off with a workout in the morning. Some people find they can’t workout before breakfast but I find that it sets me up for the day and this is when I have more time to get it done.

I always do a home workout video, normally strength training as I will do a walk/hike later.

I find that exercise boosts my moods and really gets my energised for the day ahead.

After I always put the music on while prepping breakfast and clearing up and yes my son does think I’m mad as I’m dancing around the kitchen to 80s rock music.

So what does my breakfast look like?

I love love love oats…I struggle to have a breakfast that doesn’t consist of oats.

They are packed full of fibre in the form of beta glucans that is amazing for heart health as well as antioxidants. I normally soak these for an hour with chia seeds, milk and yoghurt and top with whatever fruit, nuts and seeds I have and not forgetting the chocolate…chocolate always makes an appearance in our breakfasts.

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I make pancakes some mornings with oat flour and add in lots of veggies to the mix so I know that I’m starting my day off well and heading to our 8-10 a day of veggies and fruit.

Savoury breakfasts are not my thing at all but that’s not to say they are not great for you…sourdough with smashed avocado, eggs, sweet potato toasts, savoury porridge! Whatever you enjoy, then enjoy it!

My only advice for breakfast is avoid processed breakfast cereals as they are packed with sugar, even the ones that claim low sugar, and they are very unlikely to be whole grains. So sticks with natural whole foods.

Do I snack?

Not very often and the reason is, is that I eat a well balanced breakfast and lunch that actually I don’t feel the need to but that’s not to say I don’t sometimes enjoy some chocolate or a snickers date or maybe a baked doughnut.

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it’s all about balance and as long as I’m not over indulging or eating rubbish, natural snacks have a place in daily eating. I do find that if I have a snickers date one day that actually I feel fine for the next few days as it’s normally quenched that craving.

My lunch is always simple…normally consists of leftover veggies, some massaged kale, nuts, seeds, some oat seeded bread and hummus. I’m a creature of habit so it’s easy for me to just get what I like prepared and eat that. If I’m not as hungry I may have fully loaded yoghurt which includes loads of yoghurt topped with a fruit and loads of savoury nuts and seeds and more often than not some tahini.

I like to make sure that I include lots of veggies in all my meals as you know by now, my motto is to “Eat the Rainbow” at every meal time so I make sure that every plate of food I make is colourful. Not only is it mood lifting to see wonderful colourful food but also it’s amazing for our health, think of all of those wonderful phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that will nourish our body and help to make us look and feel great.

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I have many clients tell me that there energy levels are lowest mid afternoon so this is definitely something that most people suffer from, so this is the time when I make sure that I have something delicious and healthy just incase I have that energy slump but to be honest after a nourishing breakfast and lunch, I don’t often get those slumps but a square of dark chocolate, or a cracker will often suffice.

Dinner is all about flavour, colour and vegetables. Eating plantbased or not, I always suggest that half your plate should be vegetables, should be colourful and have at least 4 different varieties of veggies. There’s no point in just having a couple of varieties of veg on your plate…our body needs diversity which provides a diversity of phytonutrients that will help us to flourish, glow, feel balanced and energised.

I like mezze style dinners where I make lots of different foods and we all tuck in but at the same time I like tray bakes that take no time at all to prepare, pasta dishes, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods which are my favourites (I’m from Spain originally so this is my jam) and stir fries, curries!

I cook everything from scratch and I know this isn’t possible for everyone but trying to cook from scratch as much as possible (even if it’s a few times a week) can really benefit you. You see when we eat a convenience food that you pop into the microwave or oven, you miss out an important digestive phase called the Cephalic phase. When you cook from scratch you mouth starts to water, your digestive enzymes kick in in the mouth and stomach and the digestive process and metabolism begins which is know as cephalic phase yet when you eat a convenience meal, you by pass this phase completely so already our digestive process is taking a step back so how will our body be able to break down the foods correctly if we have not prepared the body for the food. So when we have the chance, it’s best to prepare the food from scratch and not only that we are using fresh ingredients and limiting processed ingredients. If time is limited which I find is the case with a family and especially during the week after the school run, home work and everything else that’s gets in the way, meals like tray bakes, Pre marinating meats fish and protein sources such as tempeh and adding in different veggies and complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain rice, quinoa, chickpeas, lentils etc. It’s all about finding a good balance between eating natural foods and convenience.

Whatever I do fancy, I make sure that there is an array of veggies, a good source of protein which is normally from chickpeas, lentils or beans, or quinoa and some good fats from extra virgin olive oil which I am obsessed with and probably have far to much of it as well as avocado, and not forgetting the amazing concentrated nutrients from herbs and spices which I love to use in all my meals…add flavour and depth to any dish.

My daily eating routine isn’t complicated, hard or a struggle…it’s balanced, delicious and works for me and to be honest this is how I educate my clients and the results they see is amazing.

It’s about resetting your mindset and discovering the joy and taste of food and learning that processed foods are the ones that will cause more harm than good and that eating whole natural foods will enable you to flourish.

It’s also about finding what works for you…we are all different so finding your balance will take time but when you start to eat more balanced…life becomes more balanced.

my life is certainly not balanced but by adding in simple nutritious foods, exercising and taking time to relax (which actually doesn’t happen as often as I would like) life can be a little more balanced!

The Food we eat has such an impact on our moods, health and overall feelings that making sure that we eat nutritious foods is vital and is my mindset when it comes to how I want to feel. It’s not about being the skinniest or curviest it’s about feeling great, energised, happy, balanced (as much as a woman can be with a family and work) and content.


  • Sarah Sage

    Thank you for this insight into your daily routine. It is extremely helpful and makes eating healthier very normal and not too overwhelming. Xx

  • neletanourishflourish38

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and I’m glad it was helpful. I really wanted to show that eating a balanced diet is about enjoyment and not restrictions!!