Nourish Bowl

There are days when Spending a lot of time cooking a meal isn’t on the top of priority list so these are the days that I turn to a nourish bowl.

Nourish bowls are the perfect meal that requires little prep, is packed full of wonderful flavours and you really can add in whatever you fancy.

Even better still it’s great for using those veggies that are lurking in the back of the fridge, add in a great protein source such as tempeh, quinoa, meat or fish, add in a complex carb such as quinoa, Buckwheat, whole grain noodles, whole grain rice And then any source or dip you fancy, it really is that simple.

Some of my most favourite versions are Middle Eastern spiced veggies with a cauliflower tabbouleh, hummus and flatbreads or with vegetables a peanut Thai sauce, and coriander Jasmin rice, or wonderful curried spiced tempeh with pilaf rice, roasted curried veggies and a mango and tahini sauce, or how about some roasted veggies with massaged kale and lentil salad with a tahini and yoghurt sauce. Be creative, use what you have, add what you like.

Honestly the possibilities are endless, whatever you fancy just add in the vegetbles, protein, carbs and sauce/dip and you’ve got yourself a wonderful nourishing bowl of food.

Check out this food wheel as well which gives you an idea of how your plate should look with veggies, protein, carbs and concentrated nutrients. By following this plate chart, will give you the tools to eat a well balanced diet.