Are you ready to transform your health and wellbeing?

My 12-week Program empowers you with the tools you need to live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

With One to One Support, Nutrition Coaching Personalised for You and Weekly Recipe Emails to help you stay on track, the programme can help you to

Give up dieting

Eat with balance

Cook wholesome meals

Cleanse your gut and liver

Boost your energy

Ditch the scales

Love your body

Find weight balance for life

Reduce emotional eating

Balance your hormones

Learn to eat well for life with healthy food swaps, main meal and snack ideas, and alternatives to coffee and alcohol.

The Package includes:

*One to One Consultation (up to 60 minutes)

*2 follow up consultations

*Up to 3 coaching sessions (via email or phone)

*Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle plan, Recipes, Meal Plan and, Email Support

Cost £175
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Fun and Interactive Food Workshops focusing on Healthy Eating Made Easy.

Learn to make simple yet delicious healthy foods that you can recreate at home.

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*One to One Consultation (up to 60 minutes)

*Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, email support, meal ideas, meal plans.

*Functional testing optional (extra cost)

Cost £60

Additional Follow Ups

*One to One Consultation

*up to 60 minutes

*face to face or phone call

Cost £45

I also offer a block booking of 3 consultations

*initial consultation

*two follow up consultations

Cost £140
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I provide tailor made nutritional and food workshops and talks aimed at supporting your employees, colleagues, clients and customers overall health by educating them about health and well-being and support it in our busy lives, through nutrition and lifestyle.

Learn how to navigate through the information we are bombarded with each day about our health and learn easy ways to eat well and live well.

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Stuck in a rut, cooking the same things or don't know where to begin when it comes to making healthy choices, then my one to one cooking lessons allow you to learn how to cook delicious, creative and fun meals that you can easily make at home whether you are busy with work, family life or don't have time to cook for hours on end.

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I have worked on a few Commercial and TV projects focusing on creative and nutritious cooking along with my nutritional knowledge.

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