Spiced Tempeh Tacos with Avocado & Watermelon

Spiced Tempeh Tacos with Griddled Avocado & Watermelon

1 pack Plant Power Tempeh 

2 tsp Piri piri seasoning


2 Avocados (1 sliced)

Coriander leaves

1 lime

Watermelon cut into cubes (I buy this pre done)

6-8 corn tortillas 

Red chilli

1 cup sweet corn (defrosted)

1 cup cherry tomatoes 


Coriander leaves

In a bowl add the piri piri spice mix and add salt and a little olive oil. Slice the tempeh into thin strips and place into the marinade and leave for at least 30 minutes.

In a pan over a high heat add the tortillas one at a time and cook on each side until they start to get some colour and then place them between two ends to give a taco shape (you can buy the corn tacos shells if you wanted)

On a griddle, heat some oil and then add the tempeh and cook until nicely charred on each side. Also add the sliced avocado (making sure to oil the griddle) and cook until nicely charred.

With the remaining half of the avocado, place in a bowl with some salt and chopped coriander and a little lime and mash together.

Spoon a little of the smashed avocado into the taco, top with the tempeh slices, charred avocado, watermelon cubes, chilli spices and coriander leaves.

To make the corn salad, char the sweet corn in a pan and add to a bowl, add the chopped cherry tomatoes, with salt and coriander leaves chopped and stir through.

Serve the tacos with the corn salad along with some delicious spiced fries.

Processed with Focos