Sweet treats

Tahini & Walnut Protein Balls

Are the kids constantly raiding the fridge or saying those dreaded words “I’m hungry!” Every 5 minutes!

Through these last goodness knows how many months of lockdown my son has been going through a major growth spurt…eek! Which has meant that not only has he grown so tall, I mean he is really tall for his age, but he has been eating everything in sight, so having lots of food around is important but even more so is that it’s nourishing and giving him the nutrients he needs.

Of course there’s fruit and veg for him to snack on, nuts and seeds, seaweed which he loves, favs beans and lots of other things, but sometimes a nice sweet protein rich snack is in order especially when he is exercising so much and also to help focus without the huge sugar overload.

These protein balls are packed with tahini which is rich is calcium (yep way more than milk) and healthy fats, the walnuts are bursting with omega 3 fats, protein, fibre, vitamin E antioxidant and magesnium, the oats are rich in the fibre beta-glucan and antioxidants which all contribute to healthy gut, brain and heart.

They take no time at all to whizz up and so easy that the kids can make them.

Processed with Focos

Tahini and Walnut Protein Balls

1/2 cup oats

1 cup walnuts

4 tbsp tahini

8-10 large medjool dates (destoned)

In a mini food processor add the oats and walnuts and blend until it becomes fine crumbs

Add the tahini and dates and blend until it all comes together when pinched.

Begin by taking small amounts and squeezing it into small ball shapes and continue until you have used all the mixture.

This will make around 20 protein balls.

Keep them either in an airtight container or in the fridge.

Enjoy as a snack pre and post workout and great for hungry kids. 

Processed with Focos