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The perfect smoothie bowl

Even in winter I love a smoothie bowl but did you know that many are loaded with sugar and can spike blood sugar levels resulting in energy slumps and those mid morning cravings, so how do you get around it!

You see with smoothie bowls many people load them with fruit when in actual fact, this is the best time to add in some amazing veggies which should make up 80% of the bowl…think broccoli, spinach, kale, courgette, beetroot, carrot and cauliflower giving you an amazing array of phytonutrients to support your health…

What about helping to stabilise those blood sugar levels, well that’s where protein and complex carbs come into play, oats are a great addition giving both protein and wholegrain carbs as well as the additional fibre to support gut health and slow the breakdown of sugars…yoghurt, nuts and seeds, chia seeds, hemp are all packed with protein and great to add into the smoothie or sprinkled over the top.

If the smoothie bowl is your breakfast, then adding in veggies, protein and carbs is essential to maintain energy levels and sustain muscle function and reduce symptoms of fatigue as well as reduce risk factors of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

This smoothie bowl is packed with kale, broccoli, spinach, courgette, ginger and pear as well as the addition of @naturya chia seeds, @oneearthblends green goodness blend and topped with oat packed granola and berries!!

What veggies do you like to add into your smoothies?