Vegan Ragu

Processed with Focos

Who’s missing the sunshine? I know I am, so this week has been all about comforting warm foods and this Vegan Ragu definitely hits the spot…a delicious rich tomato base with tempeh, mushrooms and walnuts served with wonderful homemade tagliatelle!

Vegan Ragu

1 block Plant Power Tempeh 

200g chestnut mushrooms

1/3 cup walnuts

1 onion

2 small carrots or 1 small sweet potato

1 celery 

1 tsp paprika (Sweet)

2 large garlic cloves

Glug of red wine

2 tbsp tomato purée 

1 tin of Tomatoes

Salt and pepper

In a food processor, add the mushrooms, walnuts and whizz to get a chunky breadcrumb consistency

You can either chop the tempeh or you can whizz in the food processor to break it up into smaller pieces.

In a pan add the chopped onion, chopped carrot and celery along with salt, pepper and paprika. Cook until nicely softened and then add in the chopped garlic. 

Add the mushroom and walnut mixture along with the tempeh and cook for around 5 minutes, seasoning as you go.

Pour in a good glug of red wine and with the heat on medium high, cook the alcohol off and reduce this down and then add the tomato purée, and stir through. Add the tinned tomatoes and stir everything together.

Turn the hob down to a light gentle simmer and allow to cook for around 30 minutes, until all the flavours have infused and it’s nice and rich.

Serve with tagliatelle and parsley and even some vegan Parmesan.

Processed with Focos