Veggie Pizza with a Sweet Potato Pizza Base

As like most children (and adults) my son loves pizza but I’m not a fan of the processed branded ones or the takeaway varieties so always opt for making own and using either my simple flatbread recipe or my sweet potato base recipe, pizzas don’t have to take any time at all to throw together. In fact this is a great one that children can make themselves.

To engage children in the kitchen, it’s vital that we get them involved in recipes that they will enjoy eating ie pizza, goujons, pancakes, sweet bakes, smoothies, but these are the basics and the fundamentals that will hopefully inspire them to want to be creative and be more involved in the kitchen.

This is a fun recipe to make as it really is so easy and pretty versatile when it comes to toppings so feel free to add a tomato sauce, different vegetables, meat, Tempeh or tofu.

If you don’t want to do the sweet potato base, I’ve also added in my super quick flatbread pizza base recipe that is always a huge hit at my workshops.

Veggie Pizza with a Sweet Potato Base


2 largeish Sweet Potato

1/2 cup buckwheat flour (feel free to use another flour such as spelt or gluten free flour)

1/4 cup almond flour

2 tbsp corn flour (if using spelt flour, you will not need this)

Salt to taste



Griddled veggies

Marinated tempeh

Steam the sweet potato and once cooked and cooled, remove the skin and mash the sweet potato

In a bowl add the sweet potato, along with the flours and mix together until you get a smooth dough

Split into two and begin to roll out into a pizza shape on a floured surface

You can either cook these in a pre heated oven at 170c for approx 15 minutes or simply in a pan over a medium high heat

If cooking in the oven, either top with your toppings and cook or cook and then add the toppings

Flatbread pizza recipe

200g spelt flour

2tsp baking powder

salt to taste

Approx 200g yogurt

Add all the ingriemdts into a bowl and bring together to form a pillowy dough. Adjust the yoghurt and flour content until you get the right consistency

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